… the Rule or Law …

Qigong is recognized as one of the Five Pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been practiced in China for more than 4,000 years. Qigong literally means the “rule” or “law” of the “life force”.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is the foundational exercises for therapy and health maintenance. It is a practiced in Mindfulness often performed in slow, even, and fluid movements, with a calm concentration of mind; while supported with a rhythm of natural breathing and a gentle smile.

Qigong is the synthesis of Meditation, Breathing and Movement. It is designed to establish Physical Balance, Mental Equilibrium, Emotional Tranquility and Spiritual Radiance.

The benefits of Qigong.

Qigong is a Mindfulness based practice for stress relief!

Qigong is designed to calm the mind, restore natural breathing, relieve stress and relax the body. The aim of this practice is to cultivate and facilitate the free-flow circulation of Life Force (chi) resulting in increased energy levels, vitality and wellbeing.

Qigong develops secured footing, strong foundation, structural alignment, balance and centeredness. It increases flexibility, fluidness in movement and greater range of motion. Students experience reductions in physical tension, aches and pains, mental confusion and emotional unrest.

Qigong is a Chinese exercise for health, self-defense and longevity. It promotes balance and harmony, within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plains of our being.

Why Qigong, with Michael ?

I have been a student, practitioner and teacher of Qigong for 5 decades, Throughout the years, I’ve have taught over 4,000 classes, with over 40,000 participants. Whether our practices were focused on the medical, martial art or spiritual aspects of Qigong, the reported health benefits and personal improvements regardless of age have been remarkable.

There are over 5,000 different movements, within the framework of Qigong. My lifelong quest has been to translate the often complex theories, principles and methods of Qigong through a familiar language and a practical experience. This has led me to develop several systems of Qigong to meet the stressful demands of our lives today. These practices are for the harmonious integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit. They will progressively guide a student from the basics to higher levels naturally.

Qigong is not about the Quantity of Movement.
Qigong is about the Quality of Movement.

Zhan Zhuang Qigong

“Standing Still Alone”

“Standing Still Alone” is rooted in the metaphysical classics of esoteric Taoism referring to “Inward Training” or “Inner Cultivation” describing methods of breathing meditation, life force cultivation and chi circulation. This Mindfulness practice “standing in stillness alone” is the foundation for correct movement.

The modern term Zhan Zhuang “stand like a tree” is a practiced within the Chinese culture of Philosophy, Medicine, Spiritual and Martial Art. It is the single most important and widely practiced form of Qigong.

At Tao of Mindfulness we teach “standing in stillness alone” as an integral part of all of our practices. Standing meditation develops a tranquil mind, correct structure and alignment, secure footing and strong foundation. Zhan Zhuang Qigong promotes centeredness and balance, natural respiration and acute body mind awareness; whether sitting, standing, walking or lying. Although we do teach a number of standing postures in deeper levels of practice, we begin with the most basic, Wu Chi Standing Posture. Wu Chi means Nothing. Within Nothing resides everything, Tai Chi.

Do less accomplish more.

Do nothing accomplish everything.

Simply …  Stand, Breath, Smile and Let Go …

Do less, accomplish more.
Do nothing, accomplish everything.
Simply … Stand, Breath, Smile and Let Go…

Swimming Dragon

in the Clouds – Qigong

Swimming Dragon is a series of movements embracing the playful nature of swimming in the clouds. It is a practice in Mindfulness designed to cultivate body / mind awareness, fluidness of movement, natural breathing, calmness of mind and a gentle smile.

Focusing on the fundamental principles of Qigong, this mind / body practice integrates a complete system of physical and mental exercise. The movements are performed slowly, evenly and fluidly, with a calm concentration of mind. With focused awareness on detail of the movement, they are designed to release tension and blockages in the muscles, fascia and joints of the arms, torso, back and legs. This Qigong practice allows for fluidness of movement to occur naturally.

The Swimming Dragons inspire a deeper more natural breathing process as they liberate the muscular tension throughout the spine, back, scapula, shoulders, chest and ribcage. At the same time, the exercise will establish a secure footing and a solid foundation resulting in better balance, greater flexibility, nimbleness and freer range of motion. Slowly, deeper aspects and meaning of the movements will naturally appear as the body and mind work together.

You are the Dragon.
We are about to Swim through the Clouds.
Simply…Go with the Flow, Breath ’n’ Smile and Let Go…

Resting Dragon / Awakens Mind


Resting Dragon is a series of movements designed to liberate the energetic function the Five Elements and their related Five Organ Systems. These systems are White Dragon / Metal Element corresponding to Lungs and Large Intestine; Blue Dragon / Water Element is connected to Kidneys and Urinary Bladder; Green Dragon / Wood Element correlates with Liver and Gall Bladder; Red Dragon / Fire Element refers to Heart and Small Intestine and Yellow Dragon / Earth Element resonates with Spleen and Stomach.

Each of the Five Dragons are complemented with the Silver Dragon designed to shake and stimulate our inner universe and the Golden Dragon designed through standing to calm and quiet our inner universe.

Resting Dragon is performed in slow, even, fluid movements, with a calm concentration of mind. It is designed to exercise all organs, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments; while adding resilience to and rejuvenating bone and bone marrow, without stress, tension or strain, naturally. The stretching nature of movements liberate the fascia, vessel, nerve, lymph and energy systems allowing for the free-flow circulation the Life Force (chi) throughout the body.

You are the Dragon,
We are about to Awaken the Mind!
Simply … Move ’n’ Stretch, Breath ’n’ Smile and Let Go…