Nei Gong

Nei Gong is a form of Chinese martial artwhich dates toa time period ofmore than 4000 years ago. It is also spelled out as Nei Kung, Nae Hong or Neigong. “Nei” means Internal and “Gong” means practice. It is fundamentally associated with internal, spiritual reflection and self-awarenessvia meditation and structured breathing practices. This kind of martial art is known as soft or internal styled martial art.

Nei Gong

Nei Gong has multiple components which includes various breathingmethods, structured body alignments and positions.

It also requires acknowledging and transforming Internal energiesinto external body channeling. Physically, there is deep stretching of the body with special focus on all the joints and tissues of the body.

The purpose includes controlling the energy around and inside the body such as controlling spinal energies, the body’s central energy and even the energychannels found at the left and right sides of the body.

This form of martial arts makes a person aware of their upper and lower body parts and connects the body into a single form of unified energy.

Why Nei Gong ?

Hence, the art of Nei Gong is widely practiced amongst the Chinese population, for it has innumerable benefits. The meditative state helps the person become more focused in life and achieve mental, physical and spiritual stability. Regularly practicing the Nei Gong exercises has shown marvelous positive short term and long-term effects in people and is highly encouraged for all age groups to find, control and maintain their spiritual and physical energy for their own benefit.

The idea is to build and develop internal power and this is achieved by performing regularand specific exercises along with with matched breathing movements. It has several benefits, physical and spiritual. These include:

  1. It greatly improves flexibility as there is stretching of the muscles and strengthening of the jointsalong with the ligaments of the body.
  2. It results in enhanced recovery from any injuryto the joints or muscles and all limbs.
  3. An increase in stamina is noted along with heightened athletic ability and overall health.
  4. It increases self-awareness of one’s own body parts – be it the legs, the arms, the head and even the spine.

Nei Gong

  1. This form of exercise is an excellent regulator of blood pressure.
  2. Besides flexibility, the person who regularly practices Nei Gong develops great strength and speed.
  3. It alsohelps nourish the immune system, decreases stress, significantly balances emotions and improves memory and physical balance.
  4. It aids in improving blood circulation and boosting digestion.
  5. With this form of exercise, there is improved coordination of the body which becomes in sync with the mind and the breathing patterns. This sharpens the mind’s focus and enhances a person’s intellectual capacity as well.
  6. It has also helped individuals who are dealing with chronic anxiety and depression.
  7. It unblocks the body’s energy which better regulates the blood circulation and the body’s aura.
  8. With increased self-awareness comes strong mental stability, foresight and emotional health which in turn leads to an amplified capability of developing and maintaining relationships