Stress Into Vitality


Introduction To Chi Nei Tzang

Weekend Workshops

Our weekend Workshop are abbreviated versions of our weeklong retreats. They are meant for the busy crowds who still want to reap the benefits of a rebooting of energies. Our workshops are famous for that ! Weekend workshops last 2 days with arrival on Friday and departure on Sunday late afternoon. For more information please call Michael at 760 533 93286 or email

Inspiring a vision

Our workshops are always a work in progress and invite your input! Michael’s inexhaustible repertoire of workshop themes and retreats make for an interactive and fascinating experience. A location and date may determine a specific content and schedule for a retreat. If most of our retreats are geared toward smaller intimate groups in order to foster a sense of pampering, larger dynamic groups make for an equally unforgettable adventure. So reach out with your vision and ideas and we will make it happen!