It is a joy to welcome you to Tao of Mindfulness and to my new website!

Tao of Mindfulness endeavors to be a tranquil oasis, in the midst of our noisy and ever accelerating world, a place where we can let go of our stress, learn how to manage the unavoidable stressors in life and better yet, transform our stress into Vitality!

For more than 40 years it has been my passion to translate the wisdom and philosophical concepts of the East and make them relevant to us today, more particularly in their health and wellness aspects.

To make these Taoist and Buddhist pearls of wisdom accessible to you today, to demonstrate their practical application is the mission I have been and am on !

I hope that my website will be the place where you will find inspiration and the tools to make your world a better one and where you achieve vibrant health and longevity!

Please join us on a wonderful journey to … Transform YOUR Stress into Vitality!