A perfect complement to wellness/sustainability.

I wanted to formally acknowledge and commend the resort specifically for the meditation sessions and tai chi classes offered. We were very impressed by Michael Hamilton, who’s teaching and guidance is a perfect complement to the wellness/sustainability experience that Two Bunch Palms is trying to create.

Michael ‘walks the walk’, inspiring confidence with his knowledge, experience and clarity of teaching. I was personally inspired to renew my meditation practice after attending one of his sessions.

I know that other guests who attended were equally appreciative of Michael and his teachings.

Eli Gorn

I see it in my daily life now.

I want you to know that through the treatments that I had with you, there was an ultimate lesson in trust for me. At the end of the series of treatments, I felt carried and renewed. I know that those moments of total surrender have thoroughly changed my life.

I see it in my daily life now, when facing the ledge of my fear regarding the cancer, when thinking about finances, when stumbling at times with the diet and the juicing, or whatever could create stress or resistance in me.

When this happens, I sit or lay down quietly and breath away those ‘knots’, I release a thing undone, a bruise encountered, a worry or fear that has been fed. I allow life to come in deeply.

You’ve been such a deep and powerful teacher and healer for me. I can now let life carry me, without fear.

I am wordless to express the vastness of my gratitude towards you.

Nancy Lezzard

My expectations were exceeded.

I wanted to express my deep gratitude for your skills and compassion during my recent 3 – week stay at the Hippocrates Health Institute, in West Palm Beach. While I had hoped for a fortifying experience based on the Hippocrates principals for achieving optimal health, my expectations were far exceeded — largely due to the transformative effects of your Chi Nei Tzang sessions and the powerful Qi-Gong practice that you guided us in each morning. I hope you know that those of us who participated in your Qi-Gong class very much became like an extended family…motley morning pilgrims setting our alarm clocks every day at dawn, when you took us on a daily journey of awareness and mindfulness. How empowering to explore our energetic edges in the simplicity and beauty of the Tao, and to learn to push past our narrow perceptions of what we thought we were capable of. All of us, whether we were dealing with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, infection, fibromyalgia, injuries, surgeries, etc., discovered a strength and resilience that we had forgotten how to tap into, thanks to your encouragement, Standing…Breathing..Smiling…

Most surprising to me were the cumulative effects of the Chi Nei Tzang sessions. A type of bodywork that I was unfamiliar with, it turned out to be exactly what I needed to accelerate my recovery and I am so grateful to have experienced it. Coming to Hippocrates, after an extended bout of complicated pneumonia, my lungs were pretty much shut down and breathing was very difficult. Multiple abdominal surgeries had left me with scar tissue, adhesions and loss of nerve conduction in the center of my body. Toxic medications had caused an overall systemic breakdown. I pretty much felt all these areas were disconnected and broken. Your energy and sense of humor helped me put things in perspective and work from a positive space to reconnect the pieces. The work not only softened layers of physical stagnation by working the energy of the organs, but just as importantly, detoxified and work through the emotional tangles and stress that co-existed with these diseases. Additionally, the acupuncture was very powerful, especially in conjunction with Chi Nei Tzang.

Three weeks. Three profound levels of healing. Mind, Body and Spirit cooperating once again as a whole. It was a gift and truly a pleasure working with you and I cannot thank you enough.

Nikki Rood

There’s not a person on this earth who would not benefit from your class.

I feel the need to write and express how you have helped me make such a profound shift in my life.

Your restorative breathing technique together with your Qigong classes helped me unleash the pain and grief: loss of my two young children so long ago. I realized I had locked incomplete grief; loss internally, however I had no idea it had such an impact on my everyday living.

The turning point in my life occurred through your specific breathing technique you have incorporated into your Qigong and Chi Nei Tzang sessions. I cried for two days as I let go. Michael, I feel truly free for the first time to live in the present. What a glorious feeling. I now can be still.

I have been to many “breathing technique” workshops over the years, but none have come close to your technique. I truly believe there’s not a person on this earth who would not benefit from your class.

A heartfelt thank you Michael. You are a gift that has been sent to us. I feel honored to have met you.

God Bless,

Pauline Fogarty

Helped me find balance in my body and mind.

Michael has been transformational in showing me that there is a way to calm the soul, pay attention to the breath and to change my life.

I feel very thankful to the universe that guided me to meet a teacher that can help me find balance in my body and mind, and a path forward. It is just the beginning.  We will meet again. Great teacher! Everyone should experience him and his teachings.

Smile and Breathe.

Audrey S

The work Michael is doing is invaluable.

Michael’s work is sublime & very significant for personal healing! It provides quiet and peace.

Michael worked on my abdomen with Chi Nei Tzang. I took his Mindfulness Meditation & Qi Gong classes. I came sad, in pain from arthritis and a kind of hopeless. After several days with Michael and his treatments, I am leaving a whole person again. I am forever grateful. I think the work Michael is doing is invaluable & can’t wait to put into action all his teachings.

Thank you, Michael!

Heather E 

Very engaging and patient with novices.

Mindful Meditation was wonderful & relaxing. Michael shared his background and moved into teaching fundamental skills for meditation. No pretense and he appears to enjoy sharing his expertise. He stimulated me to pursue more with Mindfulness meditation. A gentle and intelligent man. In his Tai Chi/Qi Gong classes, Michael is very engaging and patient with novices. He teaches from where we are, without pretense. It was most enjoyable and spurred my interest.

Burt S

All experiences were great.

Had the most incredible time working with Michael. I took a private Qi Gong class, group classes in Qi Gong and Mindfulness Meditation, and Chi Nei Tzang sessions.  All experiences were great. He is so knowledgeable, but also a wonderful teacher. It was a true privilege to meet and work with him and experience his healing touch.


Katherine W 

I go in peace of mind.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Tai Chi, and Mindful Meditation. I loved it!  The New Asian Therapeutic Bodywork was magnificent. I had 4 treatments and it did me well. I go in peace of mind. Michael is a great master, intelligent and a great guy. This stay did me good, with the stress & the anxiety that I had, I came with pain from the knees and I left with no pain on my knees. The doctors said it would never be healed, but I believe you healed me.

Thank you Michael!

Susana Z