Natural Diaphragmatic Breathing

Restorative Breathwork is an innovative approach in the process we refer to as Breath of Life. It is an interactive learning experience designed to achieve the full body experience of Natural Diaphragmatic Breathing!

It has been my experience that the majority of us pay very little attention to our breathing, that is until we have difficulty in breathing.

90% of the people
breathe shallow
90% of the time!

Stress is the major cause for impaired breathing affecting our  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. As Stress enters our system, it moves the emotions,  alters the breathing and the body constricts,

The Chinese have an old saying;
“Long Breath means Long Life,
Short Breath means Short Life.
The quality of one’s life can be measured
within the quality of one’s breathing”…

Restorative Breathwork is a practice in Mindfulness. Our goal at Tao of Mindfulness is to teach us how to breath correctly, efficiently and naturally. This is achieved through understanding the anatomy, purpose, and function of breathing. With Applied Qigong, we learn to correct our posture, while liberating areas of sustained habitual tension.

For decades, I have worked with thousands of students in clinical practice, workshop format, class structure and personal training. Correct breathing has always been a major part of my teaching.

At Tao of Mindfulness we teach you how to breathe Naturally