We received countless positive feedback from the guests.

Michael Hamilton worked at We Care Holistic Health Spa for one year, during which time he offered Meditation classes, Chi, Nei Tzang, presentations as well as private Chi Nei Tzang sessions. In the classes Michael clearly conveyed his vast knowledge and personal experience of Eastern Philosophy and methods of healing. His private sessions were very successful in assisting individuals in their cleansing process, and we received countless positive feedback from the guests, many for whom got a series of sessions. His gentle and positive demeanor along with his excellent skills create a wonderful addition to any center that strives to provide genuine, high quality healing services.

Alyssa DeCaro

Director of Activities

Desert Hot Springs, Ca.

Dr. Hamilton is recognized and praised for his healing and nourishing treatments…

It has been my pleasure to work with and get to know personally Dr. Michael Hamilton. He was able to take an existing program and cultivate it with his personal specialty, taking it from a morning Tai Chi Qigong class of three to eight often to a class of thirty. He also implemented and developed a morning Mindfulness Meditation program with equal success.

Many of our guests believed he was directly responsible for their successful journey here at Hippocrates Health Institute. In my capacity as General Manager I am privy to our guest’s comments, which have been extremely positive and supportive of all of Dr, Hamilton’s modalities.

Dr. Hamilton is recognized and praised for his healing and nourishing treatments by a very large percentage of our guests.

He is a true professional who loves what he does, and takes great pride in his techniques.

Reenie Brewer

General Manager

Hippocrates Health Institute

Our guests constantly mentioned how good a teacher he is.

Dr. Michael is not only a very seasoned professional who is outstanding in his knowledge and treatment, but also is a warm individual who has touched the hearts of many of our guests.

As a psychotherapist I have had the opportunity to hear from many of our guests personally that, “Dr. Michael” helped them with their ailments through his famous “stomach/abdominal massage” (referring to Chi – Nei – Tzang) because the massage changed their long-standing symptoms of the mind and body.  I also knew that he had done over 5,000 such massages in his career here.

I personally have attended many of Dr. Michael’s Chinese Exercise (Tai Chi Qigong) and Mindfulness Meditation Classes. I found them very, very useful. Our guests constantly mentioned how good a teacher he is!

Antony Chatham, M.Phil., MSW. M.Th., LCSW

Licensed Psychotherapist, State of Florida.

I realized that a lot of people in our company could benefit from what Michael, lived and taught.

At Hippocrates Health Institute, I was able to experience first-hand Michael’s healing qualities, the strengthening qualities, and also the magnificent presentation skills. For many of the people who were present, Michael was the highlight of a program that had many people and parts.

The real story, however, came later. When I got back to work, I realized that a lot of people in our company could benefit from what Michael, lived and taught. So, I asked him to give a program to our senior management. I wasn’t sure how they would receive this type of information. I was pleasantly surprised as the way they engaged and the buzz that followed, so much so that we brought him back to give a program to a larger group.

He certainly won over this group of “New Englanders”.

Frank Guidara

President & CEO


He has become a Living Master. 

Dr. Michael Hamilton has been a dedicated student and practitioner of Oriental Medicine for almost a half-century while studying with the world’s greatest Masters. Widely recognized as an international teacher, Dr. Hamilton combines the healing arts of Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan and Zen Martial Arts, with Acupuncture, Chinese Body Treatments, and Mindfulness Meditation for internal balance, and harmony. He has become a Living Master.

Dr. Hamilton’s approach to health and wellness incorporates the Chinese paradigm of Body/Mind Integration into a therapeutic synthesis of meditation, movement, and restorative breathing that encourages the flow of Chi–our vital Life Energy.

Thousands of appreciative individuals, including myself, my family and my patients have experienced profound feelings of radical amazement and inexplicable joy after visiting privately with him or attending his group classes. Visit him or attend his classes in person if you can.

Edward A. Taub, M.D.


The Wellness Medical Institute

The group was highly impressed by his humor, directness, simplicity, and expertise…

Michael has been a source of knowledge and inspiration for me for many years. A Doctor of Oriental Medicine, he has taught me many helpful techniques for mindfulness, physical well-being, and stress reduction. In 2016, I brought a group of 10 friends to Two Bunch Palms Resort to experience Michael’s expertise and approach to health and wellness. The group as a whole was highly impressed by his humor, directness, simplicity, and expertise, so much so that we invited him to our home for a workshop with our group.

As a practicing physician, I recommend many of his lifestyle additions and perfections to my patients. I further highly recommend Dr. Hamilton to like-minded health care practitioners, with an alternative, complimentary, integrative approach to health and wellness. His ability to integrate the seemingly complex ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to meet the everyday stressful demands of our modern-day lifestyle is quite remarkable. I would highly encourage you to get to know this wonderful man.

Paul B. Dean, M. D., M. P. H., F. A. A. D.

Practicing Dermatologist and Public Health Specialist,

San Diego, California