The benefits of Meditation are deep reaching for those who practice regularly. Many people refer to visualization as meditation. Others say listening to an App or just closing the eyes, while sitting for a few minutes, amounts to meditating. Rather than meditation, these methods are more akin to relaxation techniques.

Years of practicing meditation, sitting in cave, mountain and jungle temples around the globe has taught me a lot about the simplicity of a meditation practice. Today, this is more than ever needed to keep a sense of balance in our lives.


Qigong has been practiced in China for more than 4,000 years. It is the foundation of therapeutic exercise for physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Qigong literally means to cultivate the Life Force, to release internal blockages and to facilitate the free-flow circulation of Vital Chi throughout the body. Practicing Qigong will give the great benefits of health, vitality and longevity.


Tai Chi Chuan was originally developed as a martial art. It is a system of Qigong movements linked together in a seamless form. Due to its of its complexity, it is difficult to learn correctly.

Tai Chi has become the modern term for Chinese health exercise. Today it is taught loosely in principle and form. The movements have become simplified making it accessible to more people. Tai Chi is largely practice for its health benefits worldwide.


Nei Gong practice is a subtle art of Mindfulness. It is a high-level practice of Taoist Inner Alchemy. Through the combined practices of Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Tao Yin, Bodywork and Nutrition, this internal training will lead to an elevated state where all functions of the Body are governed by Mind and supported by Spirit.


Liu He Ba Fa was created in the 10th century, by Taoist Immortal Chen Tuan (Chen Hsi-I) and is considered one of the four Internal Martial Arts, of China. It is an esoteric practice of Internal Alchemy rooted in the traditions of Taoist and Buddhist philosophy.

Liu He Ba Fa is a practice of self-cultivation and personal transformation.
Initially, the training begins by combining the essential elements of Body, Mind, Spirit through the practice of Qigong. At an intermediate level, these elements begin to harmonize, as the process evolves into a practice of Taiji Chuan. At the highest, level the process of transformation takes place through the practice of Nei Gong.