In the context of traditional Taoist Philosophy,
Tao is the fundamental principle underlying the Universe, signifying the Way.
Within Tao resides Taiji (Yin/Yang), signifying
Nature’s Law of “Universal Balance” “Universal Harmony”.
All things come from Tao (Nothingness).
Right Way enters Tao (Oneness).


Buddhist Philosophy regards Mindfulness as the Path to Liberation through “correct thought” “correct speech” “correct action”. Mindfulness is the “awareness of” and “attentive to” one’s moment to moment present state of Mind, bringing forth “Insight”, “Wisdom” and “Clear Thinking”, to the ultimate state of True Knowledge (Enlightenment). Correct Path returns to Tao (Oneness)


Tao of Mindfulness opens the door to the esoteric principles of health, of life-in-balance and longevity… but with a twist! It has been my lifelong passion and mission to translate the esoteric, often veiled, wisdom of the East to show its relevance, impact and practical applications in our lives today.

Three C….crets of Life

When life gets hurried or overly complicated it helps to become aware of the 3 C…crets of life: Correct Breathing, Correct Structure and Correct Composure

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Chinese Five Word Song

The key to “self cultivation” and “personal transformation” is found in a beautiful written in the 12th Century inviting us to pause for a moment and reflect on the nature of our Mind, Body and Spirit.

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My wife and I were guests a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to formally acknowledge and commend the resort specifically for the meditation sessions and tai chi classes offered. We were very impressed by Michael Hamilton, who’s teaching and guidance is a perfect complement to the wellness/sustainability experience that Two Bunch Palms is trying to create.

Eli Gorn

There’s something I’d like to share with you this morning. I want you to know that through the treatments that I had with you, there was an ultimate lesson in trust for me.It undid something inside of me. I know how tight I was, how much stuff I was holding inside. Before, I didn’t know how to let it go, how to surrender, and thanks to you and to the safe and caring space that you created for me, I could completely surrender this, if just for a few minutes, to the mystery of life

Nancy Lezzard

I wanted to express my deep gratitude for your skills and compassion during my recent 3 – week stay at theHippocrates Health Institute, in West Palm Beach. While I had hoped for a fortifying experience based on the Hippocrates principals for achieving optimal health, my into expectations were far exceeded — largely due to the transformative effects of your Chi Nei Tzang sessions and the powerful Qi-Gong practice that you guided us in each morning.

Nikki Rood