Mindfulness thru Breath

With a Gentle Smile

Mindfulness through Breath Meditation is rooted in the philosophical and spiritual traditions, of Taoism and Buddhism. It has been practiced in China for more than 3500 years. The goal of this meditation is to “calm and quiet” the mind. This is achieved through being aware of and attending to the coming and going of the breath and is supported with a gentle smile, whether sitting, standing, walking or lying.

Medical science clinically recognizes the health benefits of meditation.

Those who meditate regularly will experience remarkable and far-reaching benefits. Many people refer to visualization as meditation. Others say listening to an App or just closing the eyes, while sitting for a few minutes amounts to meditating. Rather than meditation, these methods are more akin to relaxation techniques.

Years of practicing meditation sitting in cave, mountain and jungle temples and retreats around the globe, has taught me a lot about the simplicity of a meditation practice. Such a practice is more than ever needed to keep a sense of balance in our contemporary lives.

Mindfulness is to understand the trifold nature of your mind.

Monkey Mind – the relentless pursuit of your Thinking Mind. Stress disturbs your mind and your body responds in kind. Buddhists say, thinking, thinking, thinking will make you crazy. Taoists say that excess thinking dissipates tremendous amounts of energy. Mindfulness Meditation offers a pathway to calm and quiet your mind. The relentless pursuit of excess thinking will naturally begin to subside.

Breathing Mind – 90% of the people Breath Shallow 90% of the time. Stress alters your breathing. Long breath means long life, while shallow breathing does not support your wellness and longevity. Mindfulness Meditation offers a pathway to enhance your quality of breathing. The quality of life can be measured within the quality of your breathing.

Body Mind – 90% of your action comes from your Unconscious Mind. Stress inhibits your perceptions. Tension throughout the body results from your habitual responses to stress.  Mindfulness Meditation offers a method to relax your body. With a calm mind, you become free from hesitation. A quiet mind opens your pathways to harmony, within and without.

Mindfulness thru Breath Meditation – Calm your mind, regulate your breathing and your body will relax. Simply sit, breathe, smile and let go.

Why meditate with Michael?

Having taught in excess of 3,000 classes of mediation over the years, I have come to focus on the following methods of meditation. As simple as they are, they offer profound benefit equally, to the advanced practitioner and the novice alike.

Buddhist Tradition – Inner Gladness Meditation

The Buddha presented Anapansati, meaning “mindfulness in breathing”, as a fundamental practice to his teachings. When you sit, turn your mind inwardly, observe the coming and going of your breath and with gently smile you will begin to let go of thinking, without effort, naturally.

Within the simplicity of this meditation, a profound experience of Inner Gladness blossoms. Many people who were convinced that meditation wasn’t for them or who thought that they were unable to meditate marveled at their experience of serenity and inner joy.

Taoist Tradition – Inner Smile Meditation

The Taoists observed that our organs store and emit particular life sustaining energies housing both positive and negative energetic qualities. When our system is inundated with stress the energy within organs become jammed, overheated and overwhelmed with negativity. Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, depression, fear and worry are seen as low-grade energy that causes chronic disease and steals our major life force by creating energy blockages.

The beautiful Inner Smile Meditation flushes the organs of negative emotional energy, while creating positive internal virtuous response. The organs are your family. Smile to your organs and they will smile back promoting powerful internal healing, a deep sense of relaxation, wellbeing and longevity.

Buddhist & Taoist Tradition – Single Pointedness Meditation

Zen is a confluence of Chinese Buddhist and Taoist traditions. Often referred to as Zazen, which literally means “sitting as the immovable mountain”, the method of Zen Meditation is one of “single pointedness”. This means bringing your awareness to one point. This may be facilitated through the use of a koan or by focusing on the mid eye or the breath.

The simplicity of Zen Meditation is to cut thinking, in order to achieve moment to moment clear thinking.

Join us in Mindfulness Meditation, as you begin your journey…

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