Chi Nei Tzang

Abdominal / Internal Organ / Energy / Transformational Therapy

What is Chi Nei Tzang?

Chi Nei Tzang is a complete system of Chinese therapeutic bodywork. It incorporates Manipulative and Massage Therapy, Meditation, Restorative Breathwork and Qigong Energy Healing.

Chi Nei Tzang adheres to the principles of Chinese medical theories of balance and harmony, resolving physical and emotional blockages and facilitating the free-flow circulation of vital energy (chi) throughout the body.

The heart of this powerful yet gentle therapy focuses on the abdomen, which is the center of our universe and the seat of digestion on a physical and emotional level. The unique techniques of CNT specifically relieve the abdominal stress and tension that can affect all of the internal systems of the body.

Chi Nei Tzang is an interactive learning and healing process between patient and practitioner, student and teacher. It is a non-invasive approach that painlessly progresses to ever deepening levels of healing.

How does Chi Nei Tzang work?

Chi Nei Tzang is a Chinese method of disease assessment and treatment. CNT is uniquely designed to untie abdominal knots and tangles, release emotional blockages and  facilitate the free flow circulation of Chi (life force) throughout; while liberating, detoxifying and restoring vital organ function. CNT is the ancient’s answer to modern-day stress.

How do problems manifest?

The internal organs and glands perform extremely complicated biochemical and mechanical functions that are easily disturbed by stress. Psychological, physical and environmental stress are physically armored into the body as constriction and congestion. This will directly interfere with blood, nerve and energy supply to the organs and brain. The body may enter a state of gradual, but progressive internal systems shutdown, highlighted with periodic acute symptoms. Simply put, Stress and tension manifestin a wide range of physical, emotional and mental maladies.

Knots accumulate in and around the small intestine. These knots are usually surface blockages that appear as thickened lumpy areas. They can actually put pressure against the nerves branching out of the spinal cord. Tense muscles can further impair the nerve’s ability to transmit vital information. When you are subject to stress, whether through anger, fear, work, illness or family affairs, it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and causes further contractions in the muscular system.

Knots entangle the muscle-nerve complex, lymphatics, superficial facia, small nerve and capillary beds and these in turn pull on other areas of the body causing constrictions, irregularities, discomfort and referred pain.

Tangles are similar to knots but occur more deeply in the abdomen and often manifest in the small layers of connective tissue surrounding the organs. Tangles therefore affect larger structures of nerves, tendons, muscles, lymph nodes, arteries, veins and facia.

Cellular Memories of past stressful emotional and physical incidents can accumulate over the years and manifest later in life as abdominal knots and tangles. These can seriously impair bodily function in adults causing a wide range of physical maladies.M

Chi Nei Tzang can eliminate abdominal knots and tangles. CNT is the only comprehensive Therapeutic Healing System that directly massages the internal organs; while incorporating meditation, visualization and natural diaphragmatic breathing,

Chi Nei Tzang Abdominal Therapy can help children as well as adults. The accumulation of stress and its effect often begin during childhood. It is very common for children to have stomach aches. It is their body’s sympathetic nervous response to social pressure, which too often becomes highly charged.

“In true Taoist fashion,
CNT offers us the Way,
to release the habitual
and unhealthy response
to stress, while clearing the
Path to healing and well-being.”