Tao of Mindfulness is a 21st Century Paradigm Shift, for Integrative Health and Wellness. It is a Methodology of “self cultivation” embracing the ancient wisdom of Chinese Taoism and Buddhism. While embracing the precepts of Eastern Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Internal Martial Arts, to achieve physical balance, emotional and mental stability, and spiritual radiance;
Tao of Mindfulness offers a Path-Way
to “transform your stress into vitality” today.


Michael has studied and practiced Eastern philosophy, medicine and martial arts for more than 50 years. Driven by this passion, to find balance in life, he traveled the world and spent considerable time in cave and mountain, forest and jungle retreats. Michael immersed himself in a broad spectrum of practices, as well as in residential mentorship studies in temple and martial arts training.

Throughout these years he had great fortune to meet, study and work with a number of remarkable masters and teachers.This ultimately led him to travel fifteen countries worldwide and present workshops and lectures sharing many of the Eastern pearls of wisdom, for health, wellness and longevity.

Initially his studies mainly focused on the esoteric training and practices of these traditions. His teachings reflected that. Michael mainly attracted students in search of personal growth, self realization and spiritual guidance.

For the past 20 years though, his focus has shifted. He passionately addresses mainstream audiences who don’t have time nor the inclination to go to mountain, cave or temple, but are nevertheless concerned about the ramifications of stress in their lives today.

Michael has a special gift to translate esoteric concepts and practices and give them meaning and applicability in our stress filled lives. He developed a series of simple, yet profound, practices that fit seamlessly in our daily life and lead to remarkable improvements in one’s health and wellness.